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Important Changes to Interactive Maps
Secure access to Grande Prairie's Interactive Maps is now provided by Mapviewer.ca. You can sign in to the new site using your existing username and password. Changes to your account and password on Mapviewer.ca, will not affect your Muniportal account.

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Service NameLocationInfoNotes
Applications, Documents, Forms, Licenses & PermitsGrande PrairieHelp$, Free
Parking Ticket ServiceGrande PrairieHelp$
Pet License - New or RenewalGrande PrairieHelp$
Property & Tax Enquiry ServiceGrande PrairieHelp$, Free
Property Tax Certificate ServiceGrande PrairieHelp$
Property Tax EstimatorGrande PrairieHelpFree
Public Interactive MapsGrande PrairieHelpFree, R
Register your BicycleGrande PrairieHelpFree
Secure Interactive MapsGrande PrairieHelpFree, R


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FreeSome parts of this service are free!
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